Greetings all, I would like to extend myself in saying that my more than evident absence from my blog has not gone in vain.  The last several weeks have ushered quite a change, and the next several months will give rise to a tremendous amount of the same.  There are but nineteen (or twenty, depending on how much I procrastinate :P) days left until my adventure westward.  I recently returned from another trip to Berkeley, California equipped only with my iPhone for snaps.  Although I was somewhat relieved that I hadn't brought my camera on the trip, it was a bit strange not to be able to take a proper photograph.  That being said, here are some of the photos from along my latest journey to the Pacific coast, from Memorial Glade and the redwood trees of the UC Berkeley campus, to the heart sculptures of San Francisco's Union Square.  

Pretty as Poppies

Change of Heart

Through the Woods

Dawn Redwood