MiniCard Mania

Hooray!  My Moo MiniCards arrived last week, several days earlier than expected.  These little guys are about half the size of standard business cards, and a bargain at twenty bucks for a box of one hundred.  The great thing about the Moo MiniCards and business cards is that they can serve as a portfolio for artists and designers.  With Moo's clever uploading process that they have dubbed as 'printfinity', each card in a pack of whatever amount you choose can display a different image (the same option is not available for the details side, unfortunately).  However, the reverse details side can be customized several different ways: personalized Moo template from their web page, or an uploaded custom design.

Additionally, Moo is kind enough to package the cards in handsome little boxes that could very well serve as permanent desktop presentation.  While 'white label packaging' is offered for those who do not wish to have the droplet icon included, I don't find it to be distracting but rather quite charming.  Included in the MiniCard box are two tabs labeled 'mine' and 'theirs' to separate your own MiniCards from those you are undoubtedly eager to collect from your colleagues.

One of the brilliant accessories offered to house and share your brand new MiniCards is the Moo MiniCard holder.  This thoughtfully designed, simple case pivots open to reveal twelve cards.  A small ramp built into the case allows you to easily slide your cards out and into the hands of a potential client.  Providing both sleek protection and ease of use, this is a must have for toting and sharing your MiniCards.

The Moo website offers free sample packs of most all of their printed products (albeit branded with the Moo icon), as well as the ability to save and return to unfinished projects.  Moo is a great choice for business cards across the gamut of professions.  I am over the moon about the print quality and service that Moo has provided with this first batch of MiniCards, and encourage everyone to give them a look.  There is more fun in store than you may be prepared for.