As best said by Walt Whitman, "Simplicity is the glory of expression." I cannot help but feel that we as a culture and individuals have stepped away from the notion of simplicity. We proceed with much of our functions haphazardly, and disregard the simpler notions of our lives. Expression, in its most straightforward and undemanding form, is wonderful; albeit rare. Lately there has been such a powerful push away from simplicity of expression, and toward a much less charming notion. Artists, designers, architects, and the like have been letting the conviction of their work go to waste as they shamelessly tout themselves. They have no longer become the art that they were once so passionate about, but rather concerned with marketing themselves as a product. Once one steps away from the simplicity of their art and ventures toward capitalistic measures to gain attention, you lose what it was that made you special in the first place. To make a living from your art is one thing, but to compromise your character to make a buck is another. I am by no means saying that the artist can no longer have gallery showings or sell their work; however selling out is another issue entirely.

This once again brings me to think of the artist Ernest Doty, who, until a few weeks ago, was the somewhat anonymous public artist of Albuquerque.  He was not littering the masses with information on how to  make him a wealthy man. Rather, his goal seemed simple; to give our city the gift of art. Is that so bad?

I have a feeling that many of those who have strayed from what brought them to their art began at the most simple and pure idea of their work. Now all we have to do is find the way back.