Internation Velux Competition 2010

F[lux]uating Illumination, originally uploaded by Design.Her.

After a few months of precedent studies, design work, renderings, models, and layout work; we have finally come to the point in the semester when it is time to submit our competition boards.  It is an oddly freeing feeling to submit your competition boards and leave them to the will of God [a.k.a. the jury] to care for.  

Now I feel that I must tell you who our jury consists of this year: Momoyo Kaijima, Nathalie de Vries, Kim Herforth Nielsen, Magda Mostafa, Stefano Musso, Keith Riddle, and last [but certainly not NEAR least] Will Bruder.

To say the least, I am shaking in my boots.  Not only is Will Bruder familiar with the site on which we have been designing, the Albuquerque Rail Yards, but I he has come to give a lecture for AIA in Albuquerque [the lecture which I attended].  Although I do not have any sort of anticipation of winning, I hope that the jurors look upon my boards with some sort of admiration.  Seeing my hard work, hours of sleeplessness, and appreciate my dedication to the art and knowledge of architecture.