Dear Architecture School...

MoMA in Motion, originally uploaded by Design.Her.

These last few months have been inundated with thoughts, process, and action toward designing a sculpture museum.  The photograph, taken at the MoMA in New York City, is a reminder of better days when the museum was held in higher esteem.  Yesterday's review of our sculpture museum project was less of a push forward toward an end result, and more of a torturous reminder of how much I am looking forward to graduation.  The review was blind and silent. Our reviewers didn't get to know whose project they were looking at, and in turn, we were not allowed to interject and defend our work.  

While sitting and being harangued about the placement of silhouettes in a rendering, I thought of the letter that I would write to architecture school at a time like this.

Dear Architecture School,

I think we need a break.  I love you dearly, and always will.  However, I have been the only one to put work into this relationship, and you have yet to respond in kind.  We have shared wonderful moments together; spending late nights with one another and watching the sun come up.  Be that as it may, I'm afraid that my feelings for you have changed.  Perhaps if we spend some time apart, the fondness that I once held for you will return.  Until then, take care.