Atelier Katharina Grosse

Case Study
UC Berkeley
Spring 2012

In Collaboration with Ellie Ratcliff and Larkin Brogan


Architect: Augustin und Frank

Client: Katharina Grosse

Location: Berlin, Germany


Completed in 2007 for artist Katharina Grosse, architects of Augustin und Frank created a studio and artist residence that allowed the space to be transformable and mutable to the client’s needs. Categorizing the project as a "Studio Machine", a concrete shell with interchangeable material, the design was tailored for the artist’s work and lifestyle.  Working in a team with fellow colleagues, this case study investigated material and spatial relationships in both drawn representation and a 1:50 physical model.  The model explores the shell of the atelier as a whole, and through section.


[photography by Maggie Lee]